Monday, January 30, 2012

A Mega-GeoCaching Day

It was a gorgeous sunny day in southern New Mexico and a perfect day for some serious geocaching.  A look at the map showed a stretch of desert road with 100 caches all within about 10 mile.  All total we found 93 of the 100 caches which is an all time record for us in number of caches found in one day.  Don’t expect that we will ever be able to top this one…

This is the map of the road with each of the push pins representing a cache.


Lots of wide open country out here… just like we like it!  All total we spent about 4 hours in this area and only saw one other person and that was right at the beginning.  Did see a lot of cows who must be have been starved for attention as they kept chasing after us….



At the end of the road we made it back to I-10 just like the map showed we would but woops there was no interchange.  The road went under the interstate through this “tunnel”.  It was a tight fit but we didn’t leave any mirrors behind but did scrape the antenna along the ceiling.



  1. That's a LOT of caches. We used to do some geo-caching but haven't done any for a while now. It was fun though. You're brave to go through that tunnel. How did you get back on the freeway or did you back-track?

  2. That's crazy! I'm shocked Dean tried it. Did he get out and measure the truck and trailer and then the tunnel first?