Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Exploring the Leasburg Dam area

Since today was the last day in the area we set out to explore the area a little.  Just down the road from the park we discovered this cute little guy.  He was about the size of a large dog.  Would like to take him home!


For many miles around the park there are huge pecan orchards like this one.  Expect in the summer it would be beautiful when all the trees were leafed out.  Today a lot of the farmers were out cleaning the orchards and burning the debris. 


This is a view of the Leasburg Dam from a trail just outside the campground.  The dam which was built in 1908 is not used to retain a lake but rather is used to divert water from the Rio Grande into irrigation canals for the local orchards.  This time of the year no irrigation is needed so the river is dried up except for a minor trickle.  From the locals, sounds like the water is stored in the Elephant Butte Lake and Caballo Lake a few miles north.


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  1. We have just joined your site. Looking forward to reading about the RGV as we hope to spend some time there next year.

    Mike and Dee