Friday, June 22, 2012

Jeep Heaven

For the past two days we have been in Jeep Heaven exploring the Alpine Loop trail going from Silverton to Lake City and back to Silverton.  The trail is about 65 miles of bone jarring trails going over three mountain passes and through some of the most beautiful area we have ever seen.  The trail was challenging but yet was not so challenging that you couldn’t enjoy the ride.  According to the GPS the max elevation we hit was 12,999.6 ft!  We have been Jeep owners for nearly 10 years now and we are still amazed at what these hardy little vehicles can do.  They are most certainly at home climbing up a rocky mountain road.

View out the “window” of on old mining houseDSC_3323

Water falls everywhereDSC_3284

View from 13,000 ft.  It’s like being on the top of the worldDSC_3271

Still chunks of ice floating in this lakeDSC_3255

Still a lot of snow aroundDSC_3243




Tonight we are staying at the Ridgeway State park north of Ridgeway.  This is our first experience with Colorado state parks and our opinion is they are not a very good value.  The cost was $29 and the sites are very close together and not very nice.  What was surprising is that they have an additional charge for a shower!  Actually the KOA down the road would have been a better value!

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  1. The view from up on the top is amazing. At over 12,000 feet you definitely were on top of the world. The fees at state parks are climbing everywhere so they had better be pretty nice for us to want to stay there.