Sunday, July 22, 2012

Glen Canyon Dam

Today we started our trek toward Idaho and Montana with the first stop being in Page AZ to tour the Glen Canyon Dam.  The tour was about an hour long including a short movie and was very interesting.  Didn’t realize that Glen Canyon Dam is only 16 ft shorter than Hoover and actually contains more concrete then Hoover.  They said there was enough concrete in the dam to build a 4 lane highway from Phoenix to Chicago.  It took 17 years to fill the lake and when full there is more shore line around the lake than along the whole west coast!

View of Lake Powell from the visitor’s center


The Glen Canyon Bridge as viewed from the top of the damDSC_3406

Looking up at the bridge from the bottom of the dam.DSC_3396

Over the edge toward the river!DSC_3405

Over the edge on the lake side!DSC_3411

The generators in the damDSC_3398

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  1. Hope our weather up here in Montana cools off for you a little bit. You won't know you've left AZ except for the humidity. Have a great trip.