Saturday, February 22, 2014

Found a Monster

While camping out in the desert this past week was fortunate to find the relatively rare Gila Monster. The Gila Monster is a 2’ long lizard that lives in the AZ deserts. They spend most of their time underground so it’s unusual to actually see one in the wild. I have lived in the desert for over 32 years and this is my first sighting. They are venomous but they move so slow that you would have to really try hard to get in trouble with one!



  1. He's gorgeous. You are so lucky to have seen him because I do know how rare they are.

  2. Let me know if you get this. We stayed at Countryside RV Park in Dillon. Really a nice park but it fills up rapidly. We got the last spot when we called that morning. We were going to stay at Clark Canyon which we've done before, but after such a long day Jim was exhausted and we wanted a campground and hookups so he could relax.