Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sinkhole Canyon

July 25-27

On Saturday (July 25) we spent the day exploring the Sinkhole Canyon area north of Lander, WY.  The drive up the canyon is about 20 miles long and very steep but it has some fantastic views.  There were several campgrounds along the road but nothing that would accommodate anything larger than a van or pickup camper.  On Sunday, we left Lander and headed to the Bighorn National Forest west of Sheridan, WY.  Highway 14 was billed as a very scenic drive but also as a very treacherous drive with extreme grades.  They were right on both accounts.  Shortly after entering the forest east of Worland, WY we started uphill.  The uphill grade continued for about 20 miles with very few breaks.  The scenery was outstanding with several water falls and amazing rock formations.  We found a nice campground near the top at 9050 ft - called Porcupine Campground.  On Monday morning we started the long downhill grade.  Warning signs at the top said the grade was 10% and continued for 15 miles.  They weren’t exaggerating one bit….  We spent the whole 15 miles in first gear and still had to do heavy braking.  Note to fellow RV’ers… the trip is well worth it but know the limits of your rig!  We have pulled our trailer many 10’s of thousands of miles around the west and this was the most extreme 15 miles we have every experienced!  The evening found us at Cooney State Park in Montana, which is north east of Yellowstone.  Next up is a drive over Sawtooth Mtn. Pass, which is advertised as one of the most scenic roads in America.

A beautiful day in Sinkhole CanyonDSC_8344

Water rushing down the hill into the sinkhole.  The water goes into the sinkhole and reemerges about a quarter mile laterDSC_8347

Into the Sinkhole….DSC_8348

Some views along Highway 14DSC_8364


Yup, it’s going to be an interesting ride down

IMG_2472 IMG_2476


July 26 


July 27


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  1. Not sure I''d want to tow over that road but it would make for a fantastic drive in just the truck.