Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Day at the Fair

Almost every year we make the short trip down to Coolidge AZ to attend the Pinal County Fair.  This is a really neat fair as it is small and everything is centered around 4-H and the animals. It’s like taking a step back in time to a small town country fair.  We always enjoy looking at the animals and this year we were lucky to be there when they were doing the judging for the 4-H goats.  What a great experience for these kids to participate in something like this.  The world would definitely be a better place of more kids could be a part of 4-H.

No lines or parking hassles at this fair


For a small fair there were a fair number of rides



A few day old goats…. sure wish we could have taken them home!


Had to get our fill of grease with a HUGE dish of curly fries….


Deep Fried Peaches??  Guess they will deep fry anything at the fair


On one of the rides…


Who could pass up a “Maple Bacon Donut Burger”?


On the way home we stopped at a small Indian cemetery along Hwy 87 just south of Chandler.  We had driven by this cemetery many times but had never stopped until today.  It’s an amazing cemetery with lots of personal touches on the graves.  No fancy granite markers here as most are home made!



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