Friday, July 22, 2016

Making Our Way North


We are slowly making our way north.  The last three days have been lots of driving with nearly 1200 miles covered.  The first night we stayed just north of the Grand Canyon at Jacob Lake in AZ. 

The second day was a loooong day as we made our way from northern AZ to north of Salt Lake City.  We have made this trek many times before and really dread this part of the drive.  The 100 miles or so through the Salt Lake Valley is brutal with tons of traffic and lots of nutty drivers.  Luckily we made it through relative unscathed and spend the night at Willard Bay State Park near Ogden UT. 

Our third day started out rough with having to replace a tire on the trailer but ended with a gorgeous drive through Idaho and Montana.  One of our most favorite parts of the drive is always the area around Wisdom MT.  Wisdom is a small ranching town in a valley with rolling hills and surrounded by snow capped mountain peaks.  We ended the day in the Saw Tooth mountains at the Indian Tree campground just south of Sula MT.



Beautiful view from our lunch stop near Marble Canyon in northern AZ between Page and the Grand Canyon.



Found these small inukshuks in the campground at Jocob Lake. These are typically found in far northern Canada and Alaska so must have been left by some recent visitors



The view shortly after entering Montana from Idaho.  It's views like that that give Montana the "Big Sky" nickname. So wide, open, and beautiful!





A word of advice for fellow RV’ers… When you are doing your “walk around” take a good look at the tread on your tires… Note how the tread is wavy.  Removed the tire and discovered that one of the belts had busted.  A few more miles and it would have blown and done who knows home much damage.  This was a new tire with less than 800 miles on it!


Day 1 – July 18, 2016, 347 miles


Day 2 – July 19, 2016, 401 miles



Day 3 – July 20, 2016, 411 miles


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