Sunday, July 24, 2016

Moving on into BC


After heading into Montana we made an overnight stop in Stevensville MT so Valerie could visit an old high school friend.  They hadn’t seen each other since high school.  The visit was great and we were treated with a huge T-bone meal with meat from their ranch.  Yum! 

From Stevensville it was a quick trip up to Flathead Lake to visit our daughter Courtney who is the camp host at a state park near Bigfork MT.  While there we gorged ourselves on Flathead Cherries which were at the peak of the season.  We also had a nice time kayaking on the lake and finding some of the geocaches around the area. 

With all the visiting done for this trip it was time to head into Canada.  We crossed the border at Roosville MT with only a 15 minute delay which isn’t too bad.  The crossing was uneventful with the standard questions… have any fire arms, pepper spray, or other weapons?  Where are you going and purpose of your trip? From Roosville we continued on to Radium Hot Springs which is at the entrance to Kootenay National Park.  We plan to head into the park tomorrow.

Just for the fun of it, we stopped at a grocery store in Radium Hot Springs and once again were shocked at the prices.  Two years ago we found that prices in Canada were about 3 times higher than in the US and things haven’t changed since there.  A gallon of milk, that we would pay $1.99 at home, is selling for $5.99.  A dozen of eggs, that at home would be near a dollar, are going for $4.99.  A head of California grown lettuce was $2.99 a head.  Guess that free health care isn’t so free after all!


View of Flathead Lake.  Beautiful in the summer but not so nice in the winter!



No trip to Flathead would be complete without getting so “Flathead Cherries”



We are being watched…



Not too bad a view…




View of the Kootenay River from just south of Radium Hot Springs BC



Day 4 – July 21, 2016, 71 miles



Day 5 – July 22, 2016, 202 miles



Day 7 – July 24, 2016, 248 miles


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