Thursday, November 10, 2011

A little mountain biking

Today being another absolutely beautiful day and the last day here at Catalina State Park it was decided that a little mountain biking was in order.  The park has several nice trails but especially like the one that leaves from the equestrian center.  The trail goes for many miles but a good turn around point is at the park boundary about 2 mile from the trail head.  The trail is very steep all the way which makes for some slow going (and good exercise) but is sure fun coming back down hill.  Like most desert mountain bike trails it is fairly rigged and can be quite challenging to navigate around all the rocks.  It was especially bad right now as the recent rains have caused several washouts.  There is no room for error as the trail is lined with a lot of vegetation all of which has thorns!  On the down hill side you can easily reach speeds of 15+ mph so one wrong move can send you flying…

Here are a few photos along the trail.




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