Sunday, November 20, 2011

It’s Irrigation Day

When you live in the desert as we do irrigation day is an important day that comes around every 2 weeks.  We are fortunate to live on property that receives flood irrigation as it is much lower cost than using city water to irrigate and provides a much deeper watering.  The Phoenix valley has an extensive system of irrigation canals that bring water from the storage lakes in the mountains north of the valley.  Many of these canals follow the same routes originally chosen by the Hohokam Indians between the 7th and 14th centuries. 

Our irrigation water starts with snow melt captured by Roosevelt lake…


From there it follows a series of large canals such as this..


Finally it ends up in this smaller canal on the rear of our property…


The water then flows from the canal onto our property…


After about 30 minutes the property is covered with about 6”-8” of water..



Of course Buster keeps a watchful eye on the the whole process …



  1. I just discovered your blog (from the 'Me and My Dog' blog) and thoroughly enjoy it. I look forward to upcoming posts! Thanks for providing an RSS feed option - I like to subscribe via RSS. I am an RV wannabe. :) Maybe in a year or so I'll be there!
    -- Jool

  2. Found your blog through Me and My Dog. Where is Valerie from in Montana. I'm a native Montana also but am a desert rat at heart. So we spend our winters here in Apache Junction and our summers back in Montana. Love your goat.

  3. Found you from Me and My Dog. That was a very interesting story on flood irrigation. How do you direct the water or does it just cover your entire property? I would like to see more about this. Loved the photo of the goat keeping an eye on the process.

  4. Thanks for your comment letting me know how to find your blog. I love the irrigation information. And I've always wanted a goat, probably won't ever have one at this point, but you never know! :)

  5. I just found your blog. What an interesting post about the irrigation. They do that every couple weeks? Wow...what a difference from Florida!!

    As a "directionally challanged" person, I very much appreciate anyone having anything to do with developing the gps system!! It's a life saver for me!

  6. I also found your blog thru Me and my Dog. :}
    I live in Tucson in the winter and now spend my Summers in Lakeside, AZ.
    I was going to go to Catalina last week but canceled becaues I stayed to long at Gilbert Ray.
    I like your Manor. I thought about getting one but it was to heavy to tow. I know have a Class C and a TT up in Lakeside.

  7. Poor Buster... I bet he hates irrigation day. I'm going to have to remember to show this to friends in the future when I try to talk about how canals work and how you guys flood the yard every two weeks. I always think it's crazy how fast it dries up though.