Friday, November 25, 2011


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  We had a nice day with family.  Our daughter and her family along with Valerie’s mother were here for the day.  Our second daughter joined us via Skype (got to love the technology).  The meal is all finished, dishes washed, and fridge full of leftovers so life is good! 

One of Valerie’s friends made these little guys for table decorations.  Suspect that they might have been a real pain to make but they sure are cute!


Our youngest grandson had fun helping his grandpa pick things in the garden.  He found some tomatoes, peppers, turnips, and lemons.


Valerie’s addition…

Our 2011 Thanksgiving family photo.  We were Skype-ing with our youngest daughter who lives out of state and told her we were getting ready to do our yearly family photo.  As I was looking at my iPad while talking to her, it hit me - hold up the iPad in the photo and include her!  I am so glad I thought of this, and I wanted to share with all of you that might not have ever had the idea.  It's silly, but my daughter and I will do anything that feels a little off center - especially if we can get Dean to roll his eyes and shake his head.



  1. What cute table directions - and what a great photo of grandson with the garden bounty!

  2. well. I meant table decorations of course. :)

  3. Great idea for a family photo. Love the little grandson picture too.