Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Lincoln Museum

Today we visited the Lincoln Museum and Tomb.  We found the museum to be simply outstanding and very well presented.  They have two major exhibits areas.  One deals with Lincoln’s life from a child until he was a candidate for President and the second exhibit area was about his life as President.  All through out the museum were life like figures of various people and the quality was unbelievable.  The skin tones and eyes looked life like and at times it almost seemed like they were alive.  According to one of the guides the figures are made out of silicon using a new process.  We found the slave exhibit and the civil war exhibit to be the most memorable.  Unfortunately they did not allow photos in the exhibit area so no photos.  The attention to detail in the exhibits was unbelievable.  For example, they had an exhibit of the white house kitchen and you could feel heat coming from the stove!  Another thing we found interesting is the political environment of Lincoln’s presidency which is really no different from today.  The names and issues are different but the level of fighting between the two parties is really no different.


Abe as a boy


The Lincoln family


Gen Grant


At the Lincoln tomb


Lincoln’s tomb




After leaving the museum and tomb we decided to head on down the road and ended up D & W RV Park north of Champaign IL.  The park is relatively small and very nice.  It is located on the banks of a small fishing lake and we would recommend it if you are in the area. 


Tomorrow it is on to Ann Arbor.

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