Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Travel Day

Today we were on the road early heading from Eastern Kansas to Springfield IL to visit the Lincoln Museum.  The roads were great and the weather was perfect which made for a fine travel day even if it was a long day.  This evening we are at the Riverside Park campground in Springfield.  This is a city campground on the northwest part of the city.  The only real thing this park has going for it is the location.  It is relatively close to the Lincoln Museum.  Beyond that it is nothing special.  The park is fairly old and is located near a major road so there is a lot of road noise.  The park has the most unusual layout that we have ever encountered.  At most of the sites the water hook up is at one end of the site and the electrical is at the other.  There is not physical way to connect to both without an extra cord or hose.  Obviously whoever designed the layout wasn’t an RV’er.  The rate is $25 per night regardless if you have no hookup or full hookups!  We haven’t decided if we will stay here tomorrow night or head on up the road and it will all depend on how long we are at the Museum.

Sorry for not photos tonight but we will have a lot hopefully tomorrow about our 16th President.

Miles driven:  464

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  1. That is a strange set up at the campground and to charge the same for hookups or none is just wrong. Here's hoping the museum makes up for it.