Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Winter Wonderland

Today we drove in rain, snow, and through a dust storm.  When we left home this morning it was lightly raining and as soon as came up out of the valley the rain turned into snow.  The snow continued fairly steady until we reached I40 in northern AZ.  Once we got into New Mexico the snow returned until almost Albuquerque at which point the dust started blowing.  The winds must have been in the 50-60 mph range.  It only takes a few minutes in blowing cold snow to remind us of why we love living in the AZ desert.  Yup it gets hot but we will take the heat any day over the cold!

This evening we are at Santa Rosa Lake State Park which is about 10 miles north of Santa Rosa NM.  The lake is very low but the campground is nice and you can’t complain about the $14 rate.  All total we drove 566 miles today.  Tomorrow the goal is Greensburg KS.  Hopefully the storms that they had there today (2” hail) will have calmed down a little.

The following photos were from south of Show Low AZ




  1. I sure don't like the looks of all that snow. Hope your weather improves. The storms appear to be moving east ahead of you so maybe you'll be lucky and have beautiful weather. We've had lots of wind down here in Apache Junction and it's been cold but supposed to be back up to 90 by Tuesday. Thank goodness. Travel safe.

  2. Also, could I make another suggestion. Please remove the word verification from your blog. Most of the RV bloggers have removed it and haven't had any trouble with spam. I know several people who won't comment on blogs if they have to jump through the hoops of word verification. Just a suggestion.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Didn't realize it was turned on. Should be off now. Thanks