Friday, April 20, 2012

Made it to Ann Arbor

We had a nice drive from Champaign IL to Ann Arbor MI yesterday.  The only thing that was a little nerve racking was once we were in Michigan the interstate has a speed limit of 60 for trucks and 70 for cars which really creates a dangerous situation with all the passing and lane changes.  We were able to bypass the Chicago area by taking some smaller roads around the city and rejoining the main interstate near Gary IL.  We are now at the Hell Creek Campground north west of Ann Arbor.  It is a really nice park and we are only the second visitor this season.  We are the only ones here so it is really quiet.  The weather is really nice with the temps in the upper 60’s so not sure why people are not out camping.  Suspect this park would be really busy in the summer.  Seems like we are finding parks with strange fee structures this trip.  The park changes $25 for a site with electric but if you want to hook up to water at the site it is an extra $5!  On the way to the park we drove through Dexter MI which is the town that was hit by a tornado last month.  There are still in the mist of clean up and rebuilding.

Our daughter came out to meet us and later she took us in to see her work location.  She works for a high tech company which was a small startup that was acquired by a a larger company a few years ago.  They have a very interesting work environment…. very much like the Google environment.  A much more relaxed and productive environment then the old school defense industry we are familiar with. 

Today we took a tour of Ann Arbor and spent most of the day visiting with our daughter.  Tomorrow we plan to visit the Henry Ford Museum and take a tour of the plant that makes the Ford F150 truck which should be really interesting.  We have had a little rain today and it has cooled off but still not bad for this time of the year.

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