Monday, July 14, 2014

Alaska Adventure–Day 10

Dawson Creek BC to Summit Lake

Today we started our journey on the Alaska Highway - starting at mile 0 in Dawson Creek.   Shortly after leaving town we took a short detour to see the Kiskatinaw River Bridge.  This is the only original timber bridge along the Alaska Highway that is still in use.  The 531 foot bridge is unique in that it is curved. 


Hard to believe that this bridge was built over 70 years ago.


Ever since we entered Canada, we have noticed how dirty the air was and today we learned that it is not normal and is due to forest fires burning in the Northwest Territory.  Fortunately, as we continued west today the air did clear a little.  We could see several places where the views would have been fantastic but the smoke was too thick.  We are hoping that the air will continue to clear as we proceed north and west.  We were lucky today to see our first mouse and our first black bear along the side of the road.  We weren’t quick enough for photos but there should be many more opportunities in the days ahead.


Another unfortunate trend we are seeing is that the further north we get, the higher the gas prices climb.  We filled up in Ft. Nelson BC and this was the damage… Converting to gallons and considering the exchange rate, the price per gallon was $5.61.  We did notice a small station later in the day that was offering it for $6.71.  We were told to expect it to be in the $5-6 range, but that may have been optimistic.



This evening we are camped in a large pull out along the highway next to a small creek.  It is actually very nice, as we were able to get back into the trees.  Shortly after arriving another rig pulled in at the other end of the pull out.  Tomorrow we will leave BC and head into the Yukon Territory and plan to stay near Watson Lake.


Todays Stats:

Miles driven: 358 miles
Hours on road: 8 hours, 30 minutes
Gas prices: $5.07, $5.61



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