Saturday, July 19, 2014

Alaska Adventure–Day 15

Visit to Chicken AK

Today we took a side trip from Tok to Chicken AK which is about 70 miles away.  Chicken is an old gold mining town that has created a tourist attraction around its name.  Everything in the town is related in some way to chickens.  A little strange but it seems to work for them.

To reach Chicken we needed to drive over some low mountains and for about half the way we were in the clouds.  Fortunately there was almost no traffic.


Welcomed by the town’s mascot


Even the outhouses have a chicken theme.  Actually they were first class outhouses.



The chicken that laid the golden egg



The flowers in the foreground are fire weed which is very pretty and is all over the road sides and fields


Was surprised to find that Chicken has a post office.  There are only 5 residents who live here year around and something like 30 in the summer.  The road into town is not maintained in the winter.


This evening went to church in a really neat small log cabin church here in Tok.  There were only 10 in attendance and 5 of those were travelers.  Was talking to one of the locals later and he said they lived 20 some years in the Phoenix area and moved to Tok after retiring. They lived in a tent while they built their cabin.  He said a typical winter for them is –50 degrees.  Yup, the people up here are a little different breed. 


Todays Stats:

Miles driven: 164 miles
Hours on road: 3 hours, 30 minutes
Gas prices: none



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  1. Love the expression on the chicken being kissed. I just cannot imagine living in a place like that in the winter time. Those are some hardy folks.