Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alaska Adventure—Day 4

Butte MT to Shelby MT

This morning after leaving the campground we passed through Butte and Helena along I-15.  The drive was very pretty with lots of green forest and mountain streams along the road.  North of Helena the terrain changed to rolling hills with vast pasture lands.  We were really surprised with how green the hillsides were.  For a more scenic route, we left the interstate north of Helena and went through Choteau before rejoining the interstate south of Shelby.  We planned to stay at a city park in Shelby where we stayed last year but the mosquitoes we too thick so we found a small RV park behind a motel.  Not very nice but is sure better than getting eaten alive.  Shelby is about 40 miles south of the border, so we will cross in the morning and will stay somewhere in southern Alberta.  Thus far we have driven 1352 miles, are are 38% of the way to Fairbanks!  We expect to take about 11 days to cross Alberta, BC, and the Yukon Territory.  While in Canada we will be relying on Wifi hot spots along the way so updates may not be daily.

Sign on the road shortly after leaving the campground.  About a mile down the road there were actually some burros in the pasture along the road.


On road out of the campgroundDSCN0267

View of the rolling hills west of Great Falls MTDSCN0268


Todays Stats:

Miles driven: 249 miles
Hours on road: 5 hours, 10 minutes
Gas prices: $3.69



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  1. We had such a wet spring so the mosquitoes are really bad this year. Hope you waved as you went by Helena.