Friday, July 11, 2014

Alaska Adventure–Day 6 & 7

Vulcan AB to Valleyview AB

When we left Vulcan, we decided to continue on the secondary roads toward Edmonton.  Once again we were rewarded with some fantastic scenery and stunning canola fields.  We took the drive slow, as we weren’t due in Edmonton at our friends house until late afternoon.  The closer we got to Edmonton, the more cloudy the sky got.  We finally got a little rain as we approached the city.   The worst part was the high winds for the last hour or so, which really whipped us around. 



We boondocked in Sherry and Dennis’s drive way for the night, and were treated to a great home cooked supper and breakfast.  We had a nice visit.   Thanks for the wonderful hospitality, and we will see your back in the valley this fall. 


In the morning of Day 7 we left Edmonton heading for Valley View, which is in the far western part of Alberta.  Along the way, we had an opportunity to stop at our first Canadian grocery store in Whitecourt, Alberta.  Our observation is that grocery prices are about 2-3 times higher here than at home.  Fore example, at home a gallon of milk  is usually about $2 but in here it is over $6.  It was interesting that most of the produce was from California.

The drive was very nice as the road is 4 lanes all the way.  The terrain changes from farm fields near Edmonton to pine forests as we headed west.  There was a lot of traffic on the road, with over half being related to the oil industry which is very big in this area.

Tonight, we are in the Sherk’s RV Park in Valley View.  It’s a fairly nice park about a 1km from the highway.  This basket of flowers was hanging at the office entrance.


We were really surprised at the number of pay phones we noticed today at gas stations, rest areas, and here at the RV park.  We hardly ever see one at home but lots here.  We even noticed a couple of real phone booths!


Tomorrow, we have a short day as we only have about 150 miles to Dawson Creek, BC where we will stay for two nights.  Dawson Creek is the START of the Alaska Highway. 


Todays Stats (Day 6):

Miles driven: 306 miles
Hours on road: 7 hours
Gas prices: $4.51, $4.44

Route (Day 6):


Todays Stats (Day 7):

Miles driven: 245 miles
Hours on road: 6 hours
Gas prices: $4.33, $4.64

Route (Day 7):


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