Friday, July 18, 2014

Alaska Adventure–Day 14

Haines Junction, YT to Tok, AK

Today we made the final push back into the USA.  As we crossed the border, the streets weren’t paved in gold but rather something more valuable…black asphalt.  The smooth asphalt was a very welcome sight after suffering about 100 miles of the worst possible roads in Canada.  The region just south of the border is known for bad roads since the road is built on top of permafrost.  The permafrost melts due to the road heat which causes road dips, it then re-freezes which creates bumps.  The frost heaves, as they call them, make for a very unpleasant ride.  The last 100 miles was a mixture of rough pavement with gravel sections, to many miles of gravel (actually mud).  Most of the way we were going no more than 30 mph and many times much less.  Unfortunately we have to travel this exact same road on the way home….

After 3509 miles and 14 days we finally made it to Alaska.


Since they didn’t have a Yukon sign when we entered, we took a look back.


One foot in Canada and one foot in the USA


The border between the US and Canada is marked by a 20 foot wide area where all the trees have been cut.  Note that the line continues all the way to the horizon.


Nice plaque at the crossing


After crossing the border, it was another 60 miles to Tok, AK were we are tonight.  We are at the Tundra RV Park, which is one of the nicest parks we have stayed in.  It’s almost like camping in the forest.  We filled up with gas this evening and it was only $4.26 which is a huge improvement over the $5.56 we paid this morning in Canada.  Nice to be back in the land of gallons and miles.

Tomorrow we plan to take a side trip to a little town called Chicken.  This town looks a little wacky, as everything in town is related to chickens in some way.  Seemed appropriate that we should make a visit.

Todays Stats:

Miles driven: 297 miles
Hours on road: 6 hours, 40 minutes
Gas prices: $5.56, $4.26



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