Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Driving Day

As we woke at Allred Flats this morning it stated to rain so we made quick work of getting ready to travel.  Shortly after getting on the road we had a close encounter with a deer.  Not sure how we didn’t hit it as at one point it was in front of us then jumped back just in time.  We only missed it by a few inches at most.  Other then that excitement the drive to Kanab was an uneventful 462 miles.  We took a little more eastern route which avoided Salt Lake City and rejoined I15 at Provo.  We are staying at the BLM spot north of town that we found on the way out three weeks ago.  Tomorrow the plan is to get back to the valley.

In the red rock country north of Kanab.


All setup at the BLM spot north of Kanab


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  1. What route did you take through UT? I hate getting through SLC. However there is no way we are going to go 452 miles in one day. It's still hot down there in the valley. Should be an easy drive for you though. Well, that Flagstaff down the mountain gets interesting at times.