Sunday, July 14, 2013

And now it really begins

After driving hard for two days we felt our trip really stated today after making the right turn off of I-15 at Idaho Falls.  From here on the pace will be much slower and more relaxed.  Today we drove 118 miles and are staying at the Riverside Forest campground south of West Yellowstone.  Tomorrow it will be a short hop up to Earthquake Lake where we will be for three days.  We hope to get our rubber raft in the water tomorrow!  The weather was simply beautiful this morning and the drive was very pretty with the Tetons on the horizon and the lush farm fields along the road.  The campground is really nice and is not very full.  All the sites are nestled in the forest with a few sites along the river.

Looks like a great river for some rafting..DSC_5463



A birder at work!DSC_5467

Ms Robin keeping an eye on us.DSC_5470

This mushroom is growing outside our door.  This thing is almost a foot across.DSC_5472

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  1. It's going to be warm here today but the nights cool down so nicely. Not so much in Eastern MT though. Can't believe that mushroom thingie. That is humungous.