Sunday, July 28, 2013

More beautiful country

Today we had a short 158 mile drive from the Wise River area to a BLM campground called Ruby Creek which is about 50 miles northwest of Yellowstone.  The campground is right on the banks of the Madison river and is fairly nice but the 2 miles of dirt road to it sure could have used a grader.  Once we arrived the wind really got strong but as the sun set the wind also died down.  The drive this morning was really nice as we continued along the scenic byway as it wound along the mountains and down into the valley at Dillon.  The views were fantastic but were somewhat obscured with smoke.  We stopped at an interesting place called Crystal Park which is on the side of the mountain and you can dig for quartz crystals.  Given the number of holes dug it must be popular.

Tomorrow we have a short drive to the Yellowstone area.



Lots of smoke in the air


They use these to pile the hay in large piles in the pastures.  Hay goes on the right side and it is thrown onto the hay pile as the left side is pulled down.


Some more wheat north of Dillon


The river next to our campsite


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  1. Is it worth driving down the road to get to the campground? We're probably going to be in that area in September but I really hate driving rough roads.