Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rafting on Hebgen Lake

Today was the day to try out our new rubber raft.  Just a few miles from our campsite is Hebgen Lake which looked like a safe place to try it out.  The weather was a little cloudy at first but cleared off and ended up being a very nice day.  We were on the water for about two and a half hours and paddled up the shore about 3/4 miles and back.  All in all we were very pleased with the raft and with a few minor adjustments it will work fine.  Plan to take it out again on St Mary Lake in Glacier.

Tomorrow we move a few miles north the the Big Sky area just south of Bozeman.

Ready to blow up.. CIMG1963a

Lets see it this thing will floatCIMG1966a





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  1. How fun. But I'll stick with our boat with the motor. Not as much work. LOL