Friday, July 26, 2013

Swan Lake

Yesterday we left Glacier and headed for Swan Lake.  Swan Lake is just east of Flathead lake and we choose it because it had openings whereas Flathead was all booked up.  The drive was very nice all the way from East Glacier to West Glacier with the road following the river and railroad.  We stopped south of Big Fork to get some Flathead Cherries.  Umm good.  We timed it just right as they just got ripe and sounds like they will only last a couple weeks.  The campground here at Swan Lake is nice but since its right across the road from the lake it is busy coming into the weekend.  The weather is been nice but very hot.  Yesterday afternoon it was 101 but it did cool off in the evening and was a little chilly this morning.  First thing this morning we put the boat in the water for a three hour cruise (should say paddle).  We did make it all the way across the lake which was about a mile and half.  Tomorrow we plan to head south of here toward the Anaconda area in search of cooler temperatures.  We have decided to scratch the idea of heading over to the coast and down to CA.  We definitely want to do that trip but decided we want to make that a trip in itself as it deserves much more time then we have.  Current plan is to head back toward the Yellowstone area and work south from there.

Nice setting in the Essex area.  Moments before this a train was on the trestle.


Flathead cherries..Yum  $3 per pound which seemed like a good price




Shore in the background is where we started.




Lots of nice homes along the shore


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