Friday, July 19, 2013

Custer’s Last Stand

Yesterday we left the Earthquake Lake area and drove about 50 miles to the Red Cliff campground in the Big Sky area.  The campground was very nice and right on the banks of the Gallatin River.  This morning we headed to the plains of eastern Montana.  After driving 261 miles we ended up in the Grandview RV park in Hardin MT.  The park is nothing special but at least it has electric to run the AC which is definitely needed today.  This afternoon we visited the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument which is the site of “Custer’s Last Stand”.  The monument is very interesting and we learned a lot about a not so great period in American history.  On this site 263 army solders were killed along with 40 to 100 Lakota and Cheyenne Indians in a battle over the right of the Indians to occupy this land.  Custer lost this battle but obviously the Indians lost the war.  Lots of interesting history here and lots of neat artifacts in the visitors center. 

Tomorrow we continue our trek east and north as we head for the Ft. Peck area.

Immediately as you enter the visitor center they have a nice tribute to Lori Piestewa who was the first female native American killed in combat.  Lori was from the Hopi tribe in northern Arizona and was killed in Iraqi in 2003.DSC_5617a

Hill where Custer’s last stand occurred.DSC_5630a

Memorial to the Indian’s who lost their lives in the battle.DSC_5626a

The monument also contains a national cemeteryDSC_5631a


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  1. Too bad you weren't here for the reenactment. I love visiting battlefields and being able to see where so much history actually happened. There's a COE campground at Fort Peck if you're interested.