Saturday, July 13, 2013

An I-15 kind of day

This morning we made a fairly quick trip from Kanab over to I-15 but then went miles and miles and some more miles on I-15.  We finally ended up in Pocatello ID.  The trip through Salt Lake City was actually not too bad this time.  For one thing, this is the first time in several years that there was no road construction in the area.  The traffic was light being a Saturday and with the exception of some heavy rain for a few minutes as we approached downtown it was a pleasant trip.  All in all we drove 469 miles today.  We are currently at the Bannock County Fair Grounds just north of Pocatello.  It is a really nice RV park and at only $25 is a great bargain.  If the park was full it would be a little close but as it is tonight there is only one other person staying here.  It’s really nice to be parked on freshly mowed green grass for a change!  Tomorrow we will have a much shorter day as we head up toward West Yellowstone and hopefully find a place to stay north of Ashton ID.  We have reservations at Earth Quake lake but they aren’t until Monday.

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  1. No construction in SLC? I am in a state of shock. lol. We've stayed at that park and it was wonderful. We were the only ones there and the girls had the run of the place.