Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A rainy day

Yesterday (Monday) we made the short drive into West Yellowstone and got really luckily and found an open campsite in the Bakers Hole campground right out side of town.  We even had electric.  The plan was to stay two days so we could take the raft back out on Hebgen Lake but this morning it was raining and the forecast we for more of the same all day.  Therefore, we adapted and decided to head on south.  We made the drive through Yellowstone park again which was nice as usual even in the rain.  Shortly after entering the west entrance we noticed what looked like snow in the brush along the side of the river.  In a few more miles we found a snow/hail mixture of 1” to 2” deep on the road.  As we approached the Tetons on the south side of the park the rain cleared and we had a fairly nice view of the mountains.  We were in Yellowstone shortly after the fires in the late 80’s so it was neat to see how much the forest had regrown.  The area north of the south entrance was a moon scape when we were here last but now it’s a lush forest.  There are still a lot of burned trees but its all overgrown with new trees in the 15’ to 25’ range. After leaving the Tetons we continued on south through Afton WY where we are staying in the Alred Flats campground near the Idaho line.  All total we drove 222 miles today but most of it was very slow through the parks.

Road covered with snow/hail


Tetons are always beautiful!




Finally got our Moose photo…



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  1. Snow - this early in the year!!! Hope that doesn't mean our trip through there in September will be in snow. love your moose.